94-Year-Old Man Gets His Dream Wish Of Being Buried In Juicy Fruit

Have you ever met someone who loves gum? I mean REALLY loves gum?

Well, I'm sure he or she doesn't hold a candle to 94-year-old Suttie Economy, a man who loves Juicy Fruit so much he wants to die in it.

Suttie asked the Mars Wrigley Company for permission to have his casket painted to look just like a packet of Juicy Fruit.

He asked his friend Sammy Oakey of Oakey's Funeral Company to see if he could make the arrangements.

Originally, the Mars Wrigley Company didn't give permission, but then Oakey made a Facebook post about it that went viral.

Faced with a viral Facebook post showing support for the idea, the Mars Wrigley Company finally gave the go-ahead to allow such a casket, and now the man can be buried in his favorite gum as part of his funeral plans.

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