Cat Accidentally Discovers New Way To Smuggle Drugs

Most cats lounge around and play hide-and-seek with their owners. But this cat isn't like most cats...

Nala got lost on her flight, but while getting lost discovered a new way to completely evade airport security.

The cat somehow got lost in the carrier area, and while there simply stayed low until the plane landed.

Once the plane landed, the cat slipped out the luggage area and was gone. Thankfully, the cat stayed in the airport, where she was reunited with her owner four days later after a hectic search.

But now airport security personnel around the world should be on the lookout for this new way to smuggle drugs a cute cat accidentally discovered. 

If a trained cat with drugs placed in its skin just slips into the underbelly of the plane, it could stay completely undetected and just slip out when the plane lands, and airport security would be none-the-wiser.

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