Startling New Research Turns Conventional Wisdom On Its Head For Pregnant Mothers

If you're pregnant, watch out! One thing you're likely doing could cause major problems down the road.

A new study in the journal BMJ Evidence Based Medicine finds you should immediately STOP drinking coffee if you're pregnant.

The observational study pored over 42 experiments done with pregnant women who both did and did not drink caffeine, and most of them showed injesting any caffeine at all resulted in an increased chance for miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth, or even childhood acute leukemia.

This is startling news, as most government food safety departments list a "safe" amount of caffeine as 200mg, or about 2 cups of moderate-strength coffee a day.

Because of this, the study's authors state there needs to be "radical revision" of the current medical advice given to pregnant mothers concerning caffeine.

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