Man Buys A House Using Whiskey

A man just cashed in on a 28-year investment of birthday whiskey to buy himself a brand new house in the U.K. 

Every year, his father would buy him a bottle of MacAllen Whiskey for his birthday. The odd thing was, this started years before Matthew, the man who just bought his own house, could even touch the stuff.

His father would send him a note telling Matthew not to open a single one. 28 years later, this cashless investment paid off big time.

Matthew's father spent about $6,582 on 28 bottles of MacAllen Whiskey as birthday presents for his son. But since his son never opened a single one, the whiskey turned into a 28-year-long collection of a brand that has lately skyrocketed in popularity.

The first bottle was bought in 1974, and each year a bottle matching that year was bought. Since the collection is a "perfect set," the value rests around $52,662.

Matthew says he is using it to put a deposit on a new house. His father is proud.

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