Companies Make Billions Selling Your Data And Using It To Price Gouge You, Here's How To Stop Them

Consumer Reports found that Facebook tracks all your internet activity, even while you're not on Facebook anymore. But, perhaps more shocking, Facebook admitted that the profiles of nearly all 2 billion of their users likely were accessed by hackers. But those with a VPN made it extremely difficult for those hackers to steal their internet data to sell on the black market for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Cyber crime has been a danger to internet users for decades, and is only getting worse as attackers’ methods improve. In the most recent Internet Crime Report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, internet users had more than 4.2 billion dollars in losses. This came mainly from criminals stealing their payment information.

How do hackers do this? Hackers are quite adept at stealing data off of public networks. Once connected to the same network as you, a hacker need only utilize a handful of tools to steal or hijack your information.

One such way is with a "packet sniffer," which allows the hacker to intercept all internet traffic on your network. Another method is with a "man-in-the-middle attack." This allows the hacker to route all your internet traffic through his server so he can steal all your data.

Perhaps most disturbing, if you’re in a close-quarters living situation like a dorm or apartment complex, a hacker doesn’t even need to leave their room to monitor your WiFi and steal your data.

Hide.Me VPN stops this process by encrypting your internet traffic in a locked tunnel. So your internet traffic does not pass through the WiFi network unprotected, it passes through an encrypted tunnel that Hide.Me creates within the WiFi network. With this encryption and tunnel in place, hackers can't use packet sniffing to steal your data, since it is locked behind a military-grade encryption. This meanss they also cannot route your internet traffic through to their server with a man-in-the-middle attack, since your internet traffic is already encrypted and out of reach of them.

You keep a lock on your front door to keep criminals out, why not keep a lock on your internet traffic to keep internet criminals out?

The reality is that there are groups and companies in today’s world that seek to exploit a tour willingness to share your data and browsing habits.

But even if you think hackers and multinational conglomerates such as Facebook are the only people trying to steal and sell your data, you would be wrong. Internet Service Providers (the people you pay for internet each month) have been hoarding your data in recent years and selling your personal information to marketers so the marketers can build a nice little profile of you that can be used by everyone who can get their hands on it. 

Disturbingly, in the United States, Congress voted to pass a law that allowed Internet Service Providers to do exactly that. CBS News reported that Congress voted to pass a law that would end a federal regulation that blocks internet providers from selling browsing data.

Consumer Reports further noted that Internet Service Providers were behind the push for Congress to pass this law to let them sell your data. The Internet Service Providers claimed it was "unfair" that they couldn't sell your data to the highest bidder.

Hide.Me VPN stops this from happening because they encrypt and tunnel your traffic with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, give you a new IP address (so your internet provider doesn't even know your identity anymore and therefore cannot track you), and therefore make you invisible to your Internet Provider. Plus, with absolutely zero logs, even if an internet company requests your traffic, Hide.Me not only would deny them, but also has nothing to turn over in the first place. They explain how this works in this YouTube video below:

Hide.Me VPN's system is independently managed and created without the ability to log user data or activities. So your information never reaches a snooping government agent or a greedy internet service provider who is looking to profit off your personal data. 

Some VPNs have logs of various types, but Hide.Me VPN's infrastructure has been customized to disable all logging features. 

And with advanced server technology, Hide.Me VPN offers gigabit speeds for download, streaming, viewing, and surfing. 

Plus, with a gobsmacking 2100+ servers in 77 locations. Hide.Me also utilizes all the latest and trusted encrypted connection types like IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther, SSTP & WireGuard. This is in addition to the military-grade AES-256 bit encryption with 8192 bit keys.

This means you can browse freely, securely, and with blazing fast speeds.

Hide.Me's VPN also includes protection against any kind of IP leaks, including DNS, IPv4, IPv6, and WebRTC, among others.

This matters because many VPNs have a security flaw where they do not completely tunnel your internet traffic, allowing Internet Service Providers, hackers, government agents, and companies like Facebook a way to pry open the tunnel and track away.

And with 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured that your data will always be secure.

We are living in a time of extreme censorship, with countries denying access to information by blocking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google etc. Hide.Me VPN allows you to bypass all such censorship and learn what you want, not what some internet company or government agent thinks is best for you.

Hindustan Times reported that the U.S. Air Force blocked dozens of websites, including The New York Times, because they linked to unapproved content.

Moreover, BBC News reported that the United States blocked dozens of news websites connected to Iran because they supposedly contained content that the government deemed "misinformation."

As if that isn't bad enough, most travel websites show you a pricing based on your location. In fact, USA Today found that travel companies will use your shopping habits against you, creating a customized price for your flight that is based on data they have collected on you. So while the true cost of a flight may be $100, travel websites will use data they have collected about you to jack up the price.

When USA Today tested this, they found a difference of hundreds of dollars on listed flights.

Travel companies collect this information through computer cookies that track past interactions, click-stream technology that discerns how users arrive at a given site, including what other sites they visit before and after, and databases that store a "vast amount of information" on previous purchases.

But it isn't just travel websites. DailyMail reported that eCommerce websites (websites that allow you to buy things online) will use their profile on you that they collected from stealing your internet data to jack up the prices on things you buy.

Moreover, even eCommerce giant Amazon once experimented with dynamic pricing, according to CNET. But it isn't just Amazon. According to Life Hacker, The Wall Street Journal reported that Staples, Home Depot, and Office Depot all use location or browsing history, or even a combination of the two, to change prices.

But with Hide.MeVPN, you don’t have to pay more for everyday products, flights, or hotels because, with their VPN, you can change your location and see which location has the lowest prices before you make your bookings. Moreover, your internet history is not logged, so these companies cannot build a profile on your browsing habits to gouge you with later on. This is because there is no location or buying history to gouge you with.

As Facebook, Amazon, Internet Service Providers, hackers, and government agents all come for your data, Hide.Me's VPN provides military-grade encrypted defense against them all while also keeping them from tracking you. Browse confidently and safely while getting cheaper flights, hotel rooms, and more while using Hide.Me's VPN.

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