4 Conservative Books You Need To Read Right Now

#1 - The Democrat Party Hates America by Mark R. Levin

Mark Levin is perhaps one of the most revered political commentators of the 21st century. His show, The Mark Levin Show, reaches 7 million people and is nationally syndicated on the radio and on SiriusXM.

Moreover, Life, Liberty & Levin, his Fox News special, clocks in at 1.4 million viewers each weekend.

His new book "The Democrat Party Hates America" exposes the dark network working behind the scenes of the Democrat Party and how a close-knit band of scholars, intellectuals, fundraisers, billionaires, and corporations are working to upend the American Dream and refashion America after the Soviet Union.

The book is a follow-up to his previous work, American Marxism, which chronicles and exposes the communist movement in America.

The book has come to be known as a metoculously researched (with numerous footnotes and direct quotes from the members of the dark network themselves) exposé on the Democrat Party and the dark network at work behind them. But while it is praised for its deep research, readers also say they found themselves enjoying the read, too. 

#2 - Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset's Terrifying Next Phase by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is one of the most well-known and estsblished Conservative commentators of the last few decades. Millions tune in to hear Glenn Beck on his nationally-syndicated show, and his media company, Blaze Media, is one of the most popular conservative outlets in America.

His book, Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset's Terrifying Next Phase, gives readers a horrifying look under the hood of the World Economic Forum, the secretive Davos Meetings, and the agenda to upend the global economy and secure everything for themselves.

Those who have read his book note the deep research and lengthy footnotes, especially on Klaus Schwab and Blackrock.

#3 - America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything by Christopher F. Rufo

If you haven't heard of Christopher F. Ruso, it's time you should. Without Ruso, Critical Race Theory and other socialist revisions of history would have passed through our school system without so much as a whisper.

Ruso is largely responsible for exposing Critical Race Theory and sounding the alarm on how socialism and indentity politics are being subjected to young children.

In his new book, America's Cultural Revolution: How The Left Conquered Everything, Ruso exposes the players, plans, and organizations behind the movement to rewrite American history and turn America away from its founding and ideals, with meticulous detail and heavy sourcework.

#4 - Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids by Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler is a popular Conservative commentator who used to host Tipping Point on One America News Network before taking a break to raise her children.

She currently produces a popular podcast, The Liz Wheeler Show, which is also simulcasted on The First TV Newtork.

Wheeler's book, Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids, Wheeler unmasks the Left's campaign to propagandize children through social media, the education system, and childrens TV shows.

Readers have noted how well-written the book is, in addition to her focus on the facts, especially when it comes to the history of the current Leftist culture war.

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