Read This Book To Understand Why What Is Happening To Israel Is Unjust

To truly understand the current attacks on Israel, one must fully understand Hamas and what Israel is truly facing in the Middle East.

While Alan Dershowitz is not a political commentator or history scholar, few dismiss his analytical prowess and his ability to make a fantastic case. And in his book, The Case For Israel, Dershowitz treats the reader as the judge, putting them in the seat with the gavel, and presents his case, as any good attorney would do.

Within the book is a deeply-researched and meticulous look at both Israel and the terrorist groups that constantly wage war against Israel.

He tracks the origins of many of the main players in the Middle East and shows their juxtaposition against Israel. But Dershowitz pulls no punches. And when he feels Israel has screwed up, he makes it known.

Dershowitz also lays out a road forward. And, while he advocates a two-state solution, he makes it clear that Palestinians and Israelis must both work to adhere to that solution and put aside their differences, which is something Israel has agreed to for years.

Dershowitz's solutions to the issue of Palestinian terrorism against Israel deserve serious consideration, as does the meticulous research he puts forward concerning Palestinian terrorism.

Dershowitz also covers WWI and WWII and how the current nation-state of Israel came to be, and how the Jews brought Israel back from the malaria-infested swamps and barren lands it had become to the center of Industry places like Tel Aviv are today. But that also was not without its problems.

Overall, The Case For Israel is a good read to understand the underpinnings of the terrorism Israel faces and some of the horrific countermeasures that occurred as a result.

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