This Patriotic Coffee Company Is Donating Proceeds To Help Veterans And First Responders

It is often said that not enough is given back to the people who gave everything for America. 

Army veterans who put their lives on the line on the battlefield and first responders who risk their lives every day going into burning buildings, active shooter situations, and more really don't get the warm welcome they should.

Black Rifle Coffee Company's Liberty Roast Coffee

So one Green Beret Veteran wanted to change all that, and Black Rifle Coffee Company was born.

Black Rifle Coffee Company has an ambitious goal: to hire 10,000 veterans and also donate cups of coffee to Veterans and first responders.

How is it going? So far they have donated more than $862,000 in cash donations and show no signs of slowing down. They have also donated an additional $180,000 in corporate donations. Oh, and on that coffee thing, they've donated more than 11 million cups of coffee, too.

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded by Army Green Beret Veteran Evan Hafer, and their corporate website says their goal is to not only create a delicious cup of java but also to honor those who protect, defend and support America.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

They have so far donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the HunterSeven Foundation, which helps Veterans fighting cancer, and others.

Their most popular coffee blend is their Liberty Roast, which customers say has a great aroma, robust flavor, and tastes good both with and without creamer. It has even garnered a coveted 4.7 star rating on Amazon.

Their Liberty Roast was inspired by the lack of a coffee to drink to celebrate Independence Day, and it has notes of hazelnut, brown sugar, and citris. 

In addition to their Liberty Roast, they make a variety of coffe flavors, from their extra strong Blackbeard's Delight, to their Silencer Smooth light roast.

And, for you Keurig drinkers out there, their coffee is also sold in K-cups.

Black Rifle Coffee Company also has 10 brick and mortar store locations nationwide, with one that recently opened up in Virginia Beach, VA.

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